Relax Your Mind Sleep Better & Elevate Your Life
With Yoga Nidra

It's time to pamper yourself with a membership and experience a different world or rest and peace from the noise in the world around you.

Relax Your Mind, Sleep Better & Elevate Your Life
With Yoga Nidra

It's time to pamper yourself with a membership and experience a different world of rest and peace from the noise in the world around you.

Start Today And See Immediate Results

Relaxed Mind

Yoga Nidra helps you relax your mind and puts your "monkey mind" to rest by helping you to secret a specific hormone.

Sound Sleep

An immediate result of having a great Yoga Nidra session is a sound and restful sleep. It helps reduce insomnia and can actually boost the immune system.  

Improved Mood

By releasing certain feel good neurotransmitters, your brain & body work in harmony to bring you to a greater state of peace and improved mood.

Reduced Tension

Yoga Nidra helps your body relax by helping to eliminate your stressful thoughts which are carried in your body and cause it to hold tension. 

Enhanced Creativity

A clear mind is much more open and ready to receive new information and ideas. Yoga Nidra brings you to a place of increased mental function and capacity. 

Form Positive Habits

One of the little known benefits of Yoga Nidra is in the realm of habit formation. By framing your day and mental environment correctly you can greatly accelerate the formation of new habits or the correction of "bad" ones.  

What Is Yoga Nidra?

Used for 1000s of years to achieve restful sleep and much, much more...

Yoga Nidra is an ancient meditative practice that is sometimes referred to as "dynamic sleep", "yogic sleep", or "sleep of the yogi". It was derived from the Tantras, which you may have heard of before. The original practitioners of Yoga Nidra were seeking enlightenment, or the ability to know or come into touch with some part of themselves that is sometimes called the Soul or True Self. In doing so they realized that they felt a deep sense of connection to all others in the world.

A shared common experience.

Well that sounds great, but for folks like you and me, maybe we should start with the basics instead of jumping straight to Level 5 as I like to say!

Level 1 Yoga Nidra, and this is its core, is an avenue to deep relaxation and a sound, restful sleep. And if that's what you want from it, perfect! That's what you will get, as it is greatly suited to that purpose.

But as Kamini Desai says in her book,

"Using Yoga Nidra as a nap is like using a jet plane to drive to the grocery store. You can do it, but it's a gross utilization of its potential. A jet plane can drive, but is is meant to make you fly. Yoga Nidra can help you rest, but is was meant to help you soar."

Level 2 Yoga Nidra is one where physical things start to improve. Things like reduced anxiety, increased production of HGH and serotonin, decreased cortisol, lower blood pressure, and reduced pain. You may begin to notice things "come more easily to you" as you try to remember things or even learn new things.

Level 3 Yoga Nidra this is where you begin to see emotional benefits of your work. Through the use of intentional phrases you will begin to see things as working for you that previously you saw as working against you, you will no longer be bothered by the smaller things and the enhanced ability to manage situations that will inevitably come up in your personal and work life as well as increased ability to manage PTSD* related experiences.

Level 4 Yoga Nidra here is where it all comes together for you. Things begin to feel in balance in your life. You are no longer troubled by things that used to get you fired up. You exude a calm peaceful quality and a childlike enthusiasm for things. Your mind is opened and truly awake and you truly see the world!

Level 5 Yoga Nidra this is where you find your understanding of enlightenment, just like the original practitioners did and so many others have done.

Certified & Specialized

Science Backed Meditation

Safe, Private &
In Your Home

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Live a more relaxed and stress free life

  • Sleep more soundly through the night
  • Improve Your Memory and the ability to recall
  • Aids Focus & Concentration throughout the day you are bombarded with information. 
  • Improves Mood by giving you permission to take a step back and pause for a second instead of lashing out
  • Facilitates Habit Change by setting the stage in the mind so that new habits can be gained more readily
  • Helps with the mastery of new skills and retention of new information
  • Reduces Anxiety by calming the sympathetic nervous system. (also known as the fight, flight, or freeze response)
  • And many, many more...

What People Are Saying

 "Listening to this was the 1st time I slept through the night in weeks. Thank you so much!!" 

Jewel S.

 "I am a long-time meditator. That was one of the deepest meditations I have ever experienced. I love Yoga Nidra. You are awesome! Thank you so much for the Bliss! Perfect timing. I will be practicing this more. Love and light." 

Susie S.

 "One of the best yoga nidras I’ve done. Fantastic! Thank you." 


Hi, I'm Gary!

I'm a computer guy by training and education (aka Nerd) who was tired of seeing people like me and you being turned off from meditation by the ultra-spirituality that surrounded it. The traditional avenues and the teachers who only furthered the problem by singing and chanting Om while "holding space", not to mention the weird hand gestures, beads, crystals and incense, were not serving the vast majority of people who could actually benefit the most from this technology.

Well that may be great for some, but for those of us who just want to get a solid night's sleep, be more creative in our waking hours, have greater productivity, and calm our nervous systems down, that's just too a few too many steps out of our comfort zone.

So we shake our heads and give up.

BUT I knew that the majority of people could see massive positive shifts in their sleep and well being if only they would give it a try.

So I set out to create the ultimate program that would give all the benefits of meditation without the cloud of "woo and incense" around it AND would meet you where you are.

After spending hundreds of hours in training, studying and teaching to live groups and one-on-one sessions, refining the technique and the technology I finally arrived at a perfect program that works for all the non-traditional meditators out there... just like you and me.

Oh, and of course it can be done from the privacy and safety of your own home. All you need is a quiet place to lie down.

I've removed all of the "fluff-n-stuff" and cut right to the brain benefiting meat of it. So if you've always wanted to (or been told you should) try meditation but were turned off in the past because of all the ceremony around it, THIS program is for you.

See you on the inside,

More People Are Saying

 "Really helped me to sleep when I was feeling anxious" 

Gabriela X.

 "Thank you very much for doing this exercise without any background music! It's really hard to find good Nidra exercises without music so I appreciate that a lot!" 

Markus S.

 "Excellent practice for relaxation! Thank you Gary" 

Daniela P.


Monthly Membership


Per month

  • Unlimited access to all recordings
  • Invitations to attend 4 live monthly recording sessions
  • Email support
  • Full download capability so you can take them on the go.



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Per year

  • Unlimited access to all recordings
  • Video and Audio Files
  • 12 Week Program
  • Full download capability so you can take them on the go.

Private & Small Group Sessions

from $150

  • 1, 5, and 10 sessions available
  • Done for you live on your schedule
  • Great for schools, offices, or groups of friends who want to have a bonding experience
  • Custom meditations done just for you!

  • Weekly Professional Quality Meditations
  • Video & Audio file formats
  • Journaling prompts to help you get the most out of your meditations
  • Unlimited access to all recordings
  • New content delivered weekly!
  • Community to discuss what's coming up for you
  • Ability to suggest topics for future meditations


  • Masterclass on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level of intentions (BONUS 2 Hour Training)
  • Videos on using the technology to unblock common stuck points
  • Shortened Meditations for the time crunched
  • Live Meditations offered periodically on a first come first served basis







First Time Doing Yoga Nidra?

Here are the basics...

Lay Down

A comfortable spot to lie down. This could be a spot on the floor (padded with a yoga mat or carpet), sofa, recliner, or even your bed. Supreme comfort is what we are going for while not falling asleep.

Find Comfort

A blanket to cover yourself with and either another blanket to support your head or a thin pillow. Also, if you're having any low back issues you will probably enjoy a rolled up blanket or pillow under your knees. Again, think supreme comfort!

Watch the Stimulants

Try not to have caffeine for several hours before if you're doing your session at night. Caffeine and other stimulants are unique to the individual and you know your body, so listen to what it's telling you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not at all! Once we get started all you need to do is lie there and follow my voice. There is nothing to do. In fact, I encourage you not to move once you find your comfort zone.

While you want to try to remain awake through the entire session, if you fall asleep you will still hear my voice even if you aren't consciously aware of it. You may have just needed the power nap. The good news is that you will still receive the benefits!

Nidra Nerd meditations are different from the traditional meditations in a few of ways.  

First, they are passive, meaning that ideally you won't be doing anything but following my voice and staying mentally awake.  

Second, even though we are going to be isolated, chanting, murmuring and other incantations can be off putting to some (not to mention your family and coworkers). Any time we do have a vocal component, which is rarely, I will note it in the lesson. You are also welcome to simply listen and try it when you're in a better space.  

Finally, I avoid the "woo" to make this a really doable meditation. Your mind is busy enough and the last thing you need to do is to focus on a word or phrase. I will only use a few sanskrit words and when I do I will tell you how those correlate to today's world.

You can try this meditation sitting as well, just make sure that you are in a relaxing posture. I don't recommend sitting in an office chair, especially if it has points that push back against you. Specifically in the lower back, pelvis and hamstring areas. Extending the legs can sometimes alleviate this.

Another thing to consider is your neck and head. Most office chairs offer no support for those areas of the body. If you find that you are fighting to find comfort in your neck and head, it may be best to lay down next time. Reclining chairs are an excellent compromise!

The first thing you can try is a pillow or rolled up blanket behind the knees. This will help most of the time for things like low back issues. However if it is a more severe problem or you just don't feel comfortable you can roll over onto one side in the fetal position.